Voices of Spring

Voices of Spring


“Frühlingsstimmen” (“Voices of Spring”), Op. 410, is a waltz written by Johann Strauss II in 1882, for orchestra and solo soprano voice. Later Strauss transcribed the Voices of Spring Waltz for piano.

There are no pauses or movements in the Voices of Spring Waltz. The waltz can actually be divided into three parts of two waltz pairs based on the musical ideas presented in the work.

The first waltz pair, and most familiar of the three, begins the waltz. Its declarative opening phrase gives way to its famous, sweeping melody. As it progresses, Strauss introduces its energetic pair, before repeating the opening theme. The second portion of the waltz has an almost pastoral sound. Its gentle melodies and harmonies are a delightful contrast to the previous waltz pair. While the third remains the most varied and least restrictive, it seems to fit perfectly within the waltz. Finally, Strauss re-introduces the opening theme to finish the piece.


Frühlingsstimmen (“Voices of Spring”) Op. 410
Johann Strauss II
Conducted by Carlos Kleiber 


Voices Of Spring
André Rieu